Elana's dedication to sharing mindfulness can be felt in both her books and her lectures.

Maintaining a state of well-being and equanimity in the midst of serious disease is a challenge, but mindfulness can help make it possible. It is a process of bringing a fierce but loving attention to everything that arises in our mind and body. The simple techniques Elana Rosenbaum presents here are the same ones she uses with the people in her practice of mindfulness-based psychotherapy and stress reduction—and that she uses herself as a cancer survivor. These are methods that offer proof positive that it is indeed possible not only to “have a life” while you’re seriously ill, but that the life can include satisfaction, ease, and happiness.

This book includes a downloadable companion 60-minute audio program. Explore Setting an Intention meditation from this book.

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Speaking directly from her life experience, Elana Rosenbaum offers a rich variety of practical and compassionate mindfulness teachings and practices—wisdom particularly tailored to those who find themselves facing life-threatening illness. Certainly many readers will be helped immensely by both the teachings and the methods, whether these are new ideas to them or treasured, familiar ones.
— Sharon Salzberg, author of Real Happiness

Using powerful, yet simple, tools and strategies, The Heart of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction guides you to heal through awareness and reinforcing what is right rather than what is wrong. A valuable resource in any practice, this workbook is filled with evidence-based approaches for healing and improving treatment outcomes for anxiety, depression, addictions, grief, trauma and catastrophic illness.

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Lovely emerges as an apt description of this MBSR guidebook written by my dear friend and colleague, Elana Rosenbaum. At heart, Elana is a student – infectiously curious, enduringly fascinated and constantly learning. Together, these qualities make her an exceptional teacher. She is soft, warm and open-hearted… and she is fiercely and uncompromisingly alive! Thriving for more than twenty-two years since being diagnosed with cancer and facing multiple reoccurrences, Elana is an embodiment of life itself. Dear reader, be prepared: entering into this book, you’ll catch the fragrance of this fierce, warmhearted aliveness, discovering it as none other than you. L’chaim!
— Saki F. Santorelli, EdD, MA Professor of Medicine, Director, MBSR clinic Executive Director, Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Through narrative, guided exercises, and meditations, Here For Now was the first book to apply the principles of mindfulness meditation to living with cancer. This book empowers the reader to transform suffering into compassion and joy. Follow Elana's journey as she experiences the shock of her own cancer diagnosis, the vulnerability of being a patient, the gratitude of survival and recovery, as well as the ability to live with uncertainty and help others live wholly and fully. Elana's career and life experience combine to make her a unique and powerful voice on living with cancer, one which cancer patients, survivors, family members and health professionals will turn to again and again. Elana's moving life story of living with and surviving cancer, and the meditation and visualization exercises she's created for patients are both practical and inspirational. Here For Now is a sought after addition to the current body of work available to patients and healthcare practitioners alike, as well as anyone who wants to thrive in the face of adversity.

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Elana embodies in herself everything she teaches others, for the most part now cancer patients. Her authority, her authenticity, and her personal commitment entrain just about everyone into the beauty already to be found in their own lives, often obscured by the shadow of their disease, and all the ghosts of fear and pain and turmoil associated with it.

You have to know Elana to really appreciate her luminosity, her effervescence, and her unbridled enthusiasm for life. She radiates the determination and, strange to say, the innocence and purity of The Little Engine That Could like nobody else I have ever met. Now, in these pages, you have the priceless opportunity to get to know her and share in her remarkable energies….
— Jon Kabat-Zinn